Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funky Town

No, not the song. Not right now, anyway.
I'll admit it, I've been in a funk lately. Between the layoffs and stress at work (just the "unknown"ness...yes, I realize that is not a word, but nothing quite describes the feeling of not knowing what's coming next), the recent flare, the weather, well, it's been hard.
One of the lesser fun parts of dealing with a chronic pain condition is the depression and anxiety that can accompany it. Anyone who's dealt with the complications of clinical depression...or even non clinical depression... know that it's not a day at the park.
Frankly, that would make one heck of a theme park. Could you imagine the names of the rides? Downward Spiral Coaster? Ferris Wheel of Isolation? Take a ride through the Tunnel of Apathy? Let's not forget the most boring ride of them all...the Sit Here and Do Nothing. It's all the rage with those dealing with psychomotor retardation and hypersomnia. And for the insomniacs, there's the Long Hallways to Wander Aimlessly through at Night, but that requires a little more energy.
Depression has been a part of my life in a similar way that Fibromyalgia has been a part of my life...pretty much, forever. Like the FMS, I have good days and bad days...good weeks and bad weeks. There's not a quick fix to it, but I know what makes it worse and try to avoid that--for the most part.
The FMS and Depression are linked. If I'm doing well physically, I'm typically doing well emotionally, and vice versa.
I'm working on fighting my way out of it, and so I'm going to go do something I enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for the insight to depression and chronic illness. The unknown is always the worse, letting the mind go where no one should wander. So today we open the blinds, put on warm sweaters and socks and try to pull the healthy self out. At least in my mind, the healthy self. I act "as if". Depression can show in many ways, even when we try to hide it. It's like driving a car onto an unknown road in the dark, I try just to go the other direction.