Thursday, January 21, 2010


Rainy days can be nice. Rainy days can be great when you're sitting inside, curled under a blanket, with tea and a book. They can be great when it's a once in awhile sort of thing.
But rainy days can also be problematic. The humidity can cause joints to ache, increase other pain, and have a negative impact on mood. When it's been several days of grey and rainy weather, it really starts to impact the mood negatively.
It's been raining for several days here, now, and it was grey and foggy a few days prior to that. Needless to say at this point, my mood is blah.
I'm a little bit of a sunshine addict. I've never been someone to lay out and sunbathe, and while I tend to forget to put on sunscreen at times, it's not about getting a tan. I feel better on sunny days. I'm happy. I want to be out and about and with my camera shooting pretty things.
Vitamin D has been in the health news lately as being a great supplement for health, and really helping with conditions like Fibromyalgia. We can get Vitamin D from sunlight, which explains why my body craves sunlight. And contrary to the popular belief that California is always sunny, it isn't.
So how do I try to stay healthy? I work on staying warm, using handwarmers to avoid Reynaud's, warm socks and shoes, warm clothes, heating pads, blankets, etc. I try to rest when I need to, drink plenty of water (which I have to force down at times), and find things that make me laugh. I work on not isolating. I work on just trying to take care of myself.
So, I'm hoping to see the sun sometime soon.
Stay well.

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