Sunday, January 17, 2010


There's been all sorts of studies about how laughter increases endorphins which alleviates pain and improves mood, so I'm not going to go into all of those studies here. Most people have experienced how a good belly laugh can make them feel better.
I frequently turn to humor in my life. Some people may call it a defense mechanism-and I call those people a little too Freudian for my liking. Given the opportunity to laugh or cry, scream, yell, get angry, or get down, I'll choose laughter. One, I feel better laughing and two, in many situations whether I'm laughing or angry, the situation's still the same.
So, yes, when I find the phone in the freezer, I laugh. When the remote turns up in the sock drawer, I laugh. When we found the ice cream in the cupboard...well, initially that wasn't very funny because it was a huge mess. But it taught us a valuable lesson about the kind of containers the frozen goods come in, and which ones not to buy. And now, we can laugh at it.
There are things about Fibromyalgia that can be funny. It's all a matter of perspective. There are times I feel down about it, but it's not going to change the situation, and it's certainly not going to make me feel better.

So, on a light note, I happened across a funny website yesterday for (of all things) "mail order husbands." Yes, apparently there are websites for all sorts of things. This site had Peter (my husband, and no, he was not mail ordered), my friend Melissa, and I rolling with laughter.
I won't perseverate on the can do your own search if you're so inclined...but the quality of laughter was wonderful. It was the gasping-for-breath, not-able-to-talk, stomach-hurting sort of laughter. My pain level decreased, my mood increased, and overall felt pretty good for someone who's been dealing with a flare.
Laughter is good, and laughing is healthy. It's even okay to laugh at yourself.
Have a good one-

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  1. Sometimes laughter is the most important thing that we have. With chronic illnesses there are times which I don't feel like laughing, then a situation will erupt, normally of my own action, that will force that good belly laugh. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between our auto-immune disease and anything else. Chronic pain can take over your life if we let it. I'm trying to learn to breathe deeply and know that it will all be ok, NO MATTER WHAT! This life we lead is kind of wild with it's twists and turns. Therefore, it is what it is, chronic pain and illness be damned!!

    Today will be a good day, if I let it.